Why does your Smartphone overheats after an update?

why does your smartphone overheats after an update?

Ever felt your smartphone overheating just after you updated it? Yes there might be a slight problem. But the real question is why does your smartphone overheats after an update? Keep Reading and We’ll try to explain why this happens and what steps you can take to make things better.

What might be the problem?

Hardware comes pre-installed on your phone, Software is what keeps updating. And that’s where’s the real issue arises. The CPU, the storage chip, the battery, and other components are not always made to handle these updates. Even if they are made to handle them, it might take the components some time to start working efficiently. Once they start meeting the software’s expectations, your smartphone overheating issue might get fixed. This is one reason why your smartphone overheats after an update.

Generally smartphone companies don’t really push updates if they are not supported by the hardware or the smartphone itself but there are times when updates are still pushed.

Moreover regular updates are necessary because developers need to add new competitive features, that require more CPU and memory, which lead to the device getting hot, which in turn leads to overheating. This is another reason why your smartphone overheats after an update.

The third and most common reason might be a faulty application. Yes you heard it right, There are chances your hardware and software are working fine, but there are third party apps installed on your phone which are not yet optimized for the new update. Also there might be apps continuously running in the background. These apps in the background take up a lot of RAM and battery which makes the phone to overheat and give a laggy and slow-ish experience. A faulty battery might also be the cause of overheating.


Consider buying a smartphone, which comes with a good spec sheet that is futureproof as well. So you don’t want to worry about future updates. You should regularly keep a check on your battery output and consumption cycle to get a better idea on the battery health. You might want to replace the battery if the battery health is poor. Always use original spare parts for your smartphone to increase the longevity and ensure the proper functioning of the smartphone.

Why does your smartphone overheats

Sometimes the released software update might be buggy or have some functional issue. You can avoid updating the smartphone as soon as it receives an update. Give it some time until the brand releases a stable update.

Always check if there are unnecessary applications running in the background, or there are apps or les taking unnecessary space on the smartphone. Check if some junk or apps are added after the software update. Your mobile phone must be overheating after running for a long time. So, just turn it off for a while to cool down the device. Factory resetting is always an option to try if things don’t work.

Do not use a Case or Cover if you are facing a lot of overheating issues. A case just adds up as another layer on the smartphone which makes the heat escape difficult.

To sum it up, you cannot really do something extraordinary because overheating issues aren’t something which happen due to software updates in general. Overheating issues grow over time.

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